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A Field Guide to North American Demons

Started: 2004-02-26 17:18:24

Submitted: 2004-02-26 17:44:02

Visibility: World-readable

Last Thursday night at Hacking Society, a pair of Angel DVD sets exchanged hands: Bitscape borrowed Zan Lynx's copy of third season, and I borrowed Bitscape's copy of first season. Gem and I spent entirely too much time over the past week watching the show, which was most entertaining; I think I'm hooked. I'm even watching the new episodes every Wednesday night... which might get a little more complicated in two weeks when Enterprise switches to 2000 MST. (Gem pointed out this is why we want the capability to watch one show while recording another, which is possible with our current setup.) I'm not exactly sure what I like about Angel; it helps that the writing is good, the effects don't suck, the characters are interesting, and it's always exciting to see a vampire kick the bleep out of a hoard of demons.

(I'd still like to know what happened to Spike between his evil appearance in first season and his apparent non-evilness this season.)

It's always handy when the evil-vanquishing hero has a field guide to demons handy. Makes it easier to whip up the vanquishing potions, the spells, or whatever needs to happen to successfully vanquish the episode's evil. Fox Mulder never had it so good. (On the other hand, he could go out during the day.)