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Started: 2004-02-13 19:17:48

Submitted: 2004-02-13 19:45:29

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When Bitscape loaned me his copy of Metroid Prime, no one was surprised when I promptly got addicted. (Least of all me, followed closely by Gem.) According to the load game screen, I've made it about twenty percent of the way through the game in five hours of playing. I've now managed to recover two artifacts and the wave beam.

Last Saturday Gem and I headed up to Brainard Lake to go snow shoeing. Renting snow shoes made it a non-free outing, but now it looks like we found an outdoor winter sport both of us enjoy. (My mother is in to cross-country skiing, but Gem thinks that requires too much coordination, and I think I like snowshoeing better anyway.)

Gem had a cold last week, so it was inevitable that I ended up with it this week. I'm not really into colonizations, but it could have been worse. I've enjoyed the snow; it's nice to look outside and see snow falling thickly.

(I thought I'd have something intelligent to say here, but I guess I'm not that inspired at the moment.)