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Free Furniture

Started: 2004-05-02 22:45:20

Submitted: 2004-05-02 22:54:12

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Free TV Stand

Late yesterday morning, my normal route to church (turning north onto 9th from westbound Canyon) was blocked due to construction of the lot on that corner (which has been empty with numerous plans for development for as long as I've lived in Colorado until last year), so I turned north on 4th instead, which took me past a house a block from the church with a small TV stand out front with a big sign proclaiming that it was free for the taking. I made a note of it for future reference.

After church, I told Gem about the stand and took a brief field trip past the house to see if it still existed. I expected someone else to have taken it, but it was still there, so we briefly contemplated it and concluded that we could use it somewhere, even if it wasn't as a TV stand as such. We stuffed it in Yoda (it wouldn't fit in the trunk, but the back seat was big enough for it) and went on our way.

Back at home (after a lengthy lunch elsewhere) we swapped our existing tv stands (an old cabinet and a cheap stereo cabinet) for the new stand, which fits everything we have perfectly. I'm quite pleased by this new development, and Gem is especially pleased that it matches at least one of our existing pieces of furniture. (She complained recently about the large numbers of different woods we have in the living room.)

In unrelated news, I believe I have come to some sort of conclusion regarding my employment future. I think the growing future of iTi outweighs any potential job I could get with the FBI to the point where it wouldn't make sense for me to actually take the Phase I test. I'm going to revert to Plan A and stick with my current employer until I can legitimately claim Two Years of Experience.