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Not Fade Away

Started: 2004-05-20 08:39:57

Submitted: 2004-05-20 08:59:34

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Last night, Gem and I watched the last two episodes of Angel back-to-back. (We missed watching the second-to-last new episode last week because we were in Lincoln for the beginning of the recently-completed Fest.) I'll avoid saying too much in case I have any loyal readers who haven't seen it yet and plan to do so in the future, but I will say that I enjoyed the final episodes, which provided a sendoff that was as good as could have been expected, although it did leave plenty of openings for a return if someone gets ambitious in the future.

Goodbye, Angel. We will miss you.

(At least I still have half of fourth and fifth seasons to watch, which should keep me entertained for a while.)

In unrelated news, I'll be showing up to the first part of Hacking Society tonight before running off to help Willy perform more filming for Fences. Tonight involves a pair of technically-demanding telephone splitscreen scenes, which should be fun.