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Anecdotal Evidence

Started: 2004-06-02 08:34:38

Submitted: 2004-06-02 08:37:26

Visibility: World-readable

Kiesa e-mailed me yesterday:

I'm writing another email to BPL [Boulder Public Library] about their ebrary [electronic library] system. It just annoys me that I have to be in Windows to use it (also I either have to use IE or Netscape 4.X, they don't support Netscape 6 or Mozilla). Anyway, I was wondering if you have any useful points that I might put into my email. Ideally, what I'd like to find is some research that correlates a user's OS with their willingness to read an electronic book. I don't know if such research exists or, if it does, whether it will help with my arguments but I figure it is worth a shot. It seems to me that someone comfortable with Linux is going to be more comfortable with technology in general and as a result, would be more inclined to read an electronic book. Any suggestions?

I'm curious how many of my loyal readers agree with her assertion.