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True for me

Posted by Zan Lynx on 2004-06-03 21:06:33


Well, it is true for me. I use Linux and I read ebooks. I think it is more of a desire to read the book right away in my case, because Baen releases the ebook a month ahead. If I had the choice between an ebook and a hardcover in the same month, I might very well buy the hardcover instead. I guess I'm not sure if this supports Kiesa's theory or not.


Anecdotal Evidence (2004-06-02 08:37:26)
A standard question in the Commune, "Study well?", has absolutely
nothing to do with how well one learned the designated material,
but rather to the individual's interactions with the one with whom
he is studying.
- Jaeger, journal entry 28 October 1999