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Started: 2004-09-18 09:34:18

Submitted: 2004-09-18 10:34:10

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Once again I'm sitting at the PA booth overlooking Boulder Seventh-day Adventist Church trying to ignore the old person's class. I got here entirely too early this morning; I woke up at 0700 like a normal weekday and actually managed to get out the door at 0800. (I was a little surprised how quickly I got ready this morning when I didn't have to wait for Gem to have her shower. It probably didn't hurt that I didn't have The Wall Street Journal to distract me. (In a year, if I'm still reading the Journal, I'll have the Weekend Journal on Saturday.)) I showed up before the designated 0830 rendezvous for praise music sound check and then had to wait a bit for the musicians to show up. (It was a little odd to show up early to something.) I'm coordinating PA today, which typically means I get to run the mixer board, which is actually a little fun. It seems the only time I show up for church any more (now that my parents are in Oklahoma) is when I have something to do. Gem is playing the piano today and she got drafted to fix the horrible colors on the praise music slides.

I have no shortage of things to do this weekend. I'm currently waiting to execute the next segment of the only thing I've actually committed to doing (showing up for PA), but I think I have enough other stuff to fill several weekends. There's an anime convention somewhere in Denver right now, Gem wants to go look at more houses, Bethany needs Windows 2000 installed on her computer, and I have the opportunity to go into work this weekend. I also have Pikmin 2 to play, which is greatly entertaining, several DVDs from Netflix to watch, and I acquired two DVDs this week I might want to look at. I'd like to spend enough time relaxing this weekend so I can go ahead and work crazily this next week without totally exhausting myself.

Sometime in the next few weeks I'd like to get one or two more good hikes in. I have a few ideas but no real idea when... or how good of shape I'll be in.

I also have an Epic Changelog I want to write, documenting some recent events I desperately want to fix into permanent form. I've been avoiding the issue because I feel powerless to do anything and ignorant about what I should do and it stresses me out too much when I try to think about it.

(I'm not actually convinced I'll publish this Epic Changelog once I finish it, but I digress.)

I'm not really sure what to do about work. I spent most of the week I just finished waiting for critical issues I had no real control over to be resolved. (It seems the ink we're using in our Big New Printer will do Bad Things to most plastics, including the plastics we tried to use in the ink refill system.) The "last" issue (that we know of so far) is promised to be resolved today at noon. Assuming nothing else breaks (which is a big "if"), I could probably do two or four hours of useful work before I needed input from anyone else. I'm a salaried employee now, which makes me exempt from overtime. Given what we have to do, it seems possible I might end up working Gem's basic schedule (four hours on Sunday, nine hours per day on Monday through Friday) except I'll still have to show up to work on Friday.

It's been a long time since I've been to a fan convention. (The last was StarFest in 2000.) I think it'd be fun to show up to the anime convention, especially since I know something about anime. I know I'm not nearly as obsessed with anime as many people there will be (just as I wasn't as obsessed with Star Trek as those at the previous conventions I attended), but it still could be amusing.

I have no real idea what I'll do, but at least I have plenty to think about.