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Late Day

Started: 2004-09-09 19:55:32

Submitted: 2004-09-09 20:17:47

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I was about ready to go home after my work day when one of the high-chain-of-command guys came into my office and informed me that I had ended up with the task of calling another contractor of a company we're bidding on a project for. The desire was to get some vague idea what the other piece of the project (which we would have to integrate with should we get the contract) so we could bid intelligently. I only had a vague idea about the project (I had only heard about it that afternoon), so I spent five minutes talking to the high-chain-of-command guy and waiting for his second e-mail explaining the background, twenty minutes cramming (reading the e-mails and figuring out what I thought I needed to know), at which point I was ready to call the guy. (It was after close of business mountain time, but the other contractor was in SoCal.) He was on the other line, so he said he'd call me back. I spent twenty minutes cleaning up my office, documenting my work day, and wondering how long I had to wait until I could call him back. Twenty minutes later he called. I spent five minutes learning about the project (it'll run Linux and Scheme, with drivers written in C), ten minutes documenting what I learned in a quick e-mail to the others who might want to know, and left an hour late.

Fun fun...