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Started: 2004-10-05 22:37:43

Submitted: 2004-10-05 22:43:08

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Much has happened begging documentation since my last changelog; all I'll point out at the moment is that Kiesa and I successfully made it back to the greater Boulder area Sunday evening and I spent an exciting five and a half hours at work Sunday, ten hours on Monday, and a mere eight hours today. This evening (after looking at four houses in Longmont; the word is we'll see four more tomorrow) I managed to crop my latest round of digital photos. Highlights include the recently-completed Megafest.

I listened to and watched about half of tonight's vice presidential debate and was very amused to hear Cheney reference this article on factcheck.org (although he said "dot com", which is a cyber-squatter). (I'm not sure it's a good idea for Cheney to point viewers to a site that points out everything he says that isn't right either.) From what I saw I was quite impressed with how well Cheney did; he managed to hold his own against Edwards very well.

"Yes, this unit of Infantry has a Priest with them. He can pray to his
pagan gods and heal the Infantry. These units over here have
Magicians. They summon these big fireballs..."

And then you'll have to explain the Ceyah.
- Zan Lynx, on explaining Kohan: Ahriman's Gift, 19 August 2003