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Round Two

Started: 2004-10-07 20:02:11

Submitted: 2004-10-07 21:14:06

Visibility: World-readable

Kiesa and I just offered on another house, bringing us into round two of our house-searching saga. This offer is anything but a sure thing; the house is currently under a first right of refusal contract. The first buyer still needs to sell his house, or get a bridge loan. If the seller provisionally accepts our offer (due at 1600 MDT tomorrow), the first buyer has seventy-two hours to come up with the money or we get the house. (Our realtor thinks it's unlikely that the first buyer would be able or want to get a bridge loan required to buy the house.)

The house itself (within Ms. Musgrave's congressional district, which I'm not pleased by) was built in 1984, has 1900 square feet, immaculate landscaping, a walk-out basement, a strange little family room, and a laundry chute. It's a bit more than we were planning on spending, but it's a fairly nice house.

I've spent entirely too much time this week working. As of right now, I've worked forty hours, and I'm still going to show up to work tomorrow to do whatever it takes to get our Big Flatbed Printer up and working for Monday's acceptance testing and training. I have no doubt that I'll be in on Sunday to make sure everything works for real. My boss Eric comes back on Monday after two weeks in Hawaii (taken at exactly the wrong time, but as my office-mate observed, "there is no good time to take vacation; one must simply take it"). At least we discovered the Horrible Problem that started inflicting the system last week while I was on vacation: the twenty-four volt digital ground driving the printheads was floating with respect to the chassis ground, which was causing Very Bad ThingsTM to happen. One wire later all was good.

I still have features I need to implement prior to Monday. I hope to do a feature freeze sometime tomorrow (earlier is better than later, but I have too much code to hack between now and then), and then desperately work out bugs before Monday.

Because I know everyone's curious, here's the Official Megafest 3.2 Homepage. Feel free to play with the voting system (we use only the finest dangling chad; your vote won't be counted) or dis-infranchise voters at will.