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First Right of Refusal

Posted by Jäger on 2004-10-13 18:47:18


After the signed contract, the first buyer had seventy-two hours to come up with the money to buy the house (meaning a big bridge loan) or we'd get the house. That expired at 1300 MDT on Monday, at which point the first buyer claimed to have the appropiate financing, although no actual proof has materilized yet, now forty-eight hours after and counting. We ammended the contract to extend it and put us in second place should the first deal fall through. (All of the original dates would slip as a result.) As time wears on it's still unknown whether the first buyer will actually come up with the money, so things seem to be looking less bad for us.

As a wise puppet once said, "Ever changing the future is."


Round Two (2004-10-07 21:14:06)