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Posted by Jäger on 2004-10-08 19:41:31


My realtor called me at noon to tell me that the seller had accepted our offer, straight up, without complaining about the things we tossed into the contract to give ourselves some wiggle room: the home guarentee and the fridge. It still remains to be seen whether the first buyer will get financing (and what the inspection reveals), but it's looking good so far.


Round Two (2004-10-07 21:14:06)
Scott Galvin, age 23, is a highly sought mentor and motivational
speaker. An avid fan of salsa, user-centric web design, and techno
music, Scott co-creates a world of love and acceptance by sharing his
vision. He enjoys helping high-tech firms define their online strategy,
and he's advised many Fortune 500 companies, including Apple Computer,
Motorola, and Sun Microsystems. As a business student, he applies his
knowledge to his own venture, Buildmeasite. Scott resides in Fort
Collins, Colorado, and drives a beat up Integra. For speaking
arrangements, call 303.944.9964
- scottgalvin.com message, 03 October 2002