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Started: 2004-10-31 21:14:45

Submitted: 2004-10-31 22:06:38

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For the first time this season, it's snowing in Louisville. The forecast predicts snow throughout tonight, which should be exciting.

Snow at the Temple of Castor and Pollux

In unrelated news, Kiesa and I now have a home under contract. It's a newer house, not quite built within my adult life, but close. At 1800 square feet (600 feet in the unfinished basement), it's smaller than some of the houses we were looking at recently (especially the most recent one). There's not much room to grow into, but plenty of room for our immediate future. (No vengeful former owners this time, which should make life easier, but the purple in the dining room clashes with our decor.) Closing is scheduled for 10 December. Our current plan is to move on 19 December. Gem's parents are showing up a few days later on 22 December for Christmas, leaving on the morning of 27 December. I'm taking that week off, since I have a non-trivial amount of PTO stored (assuming I can actually cash it in, given our behind-schedule state), which seems to potentially work for some sort of "Megafest" thing.

I got bored recently and created a Friendster profile for myself. I'm going to decline to spam my address book fishing for people to add to my friends list; this will have to do.