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Fun with Yoda

Started: 2004-12-01 18:40:03

Submitted: 2004-12-01 19:09:07

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On Tuesday last week, while I was enjoying the north shore of Lake Tahoe, Kiesa e-mailed me:

Well, today as I was going to the car, I noticed that it had been saran wrapped.

Kind of odd.

My only real guess was that some high school students from Centaurus (or maybe Monarch) had gotten bored and found a vehicle to harass. But now I know better.

In unrelated news, Kiesa and I now have commitment on our loan, which means we're actually going to be able to move into our new house in Longmont. Closing is the afternoon of 10 December (Friday of next week); we'll paint the interior (some of the colors clash with our decor; the purple on the walls in the photos really is purple) on Sunday 12 December, then have an Epic Moving Party on Sunday 19 December. I keep meaning to send out an e-mail reminding everyone who suggested they might be available to carry heavy (and not-so-heavy) stuff. Kiesa and I are now amusing ourselves trying to remember all of the utilities we need to configure before we move in. Qwest won't let us keep our phone number, which means I won't be answering the phone for three months until the National Do Not Call Registry starts protecting me. We're considering what sort of television service we wish to have; I like the idea of saying "screw you" to our local cable monopoly and subscribing to their arch-rival satellite services (since we can get local channels), but I'm not entirely convinced I want to pay the money to get actual cable channels. Right now we're paying Comcast US$10.73 per month (plus taxes, fees, and various other random surcharges that really should be included in the base price) for local broadcast channels plus a few random bargain-basement cable channels. We have plenty to watch now (I'm a third of the way through third season Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Gem likes her CSI* shows, which seem to be spawning and breeding at an astounding rate); I'm not quite sure getting real cable channels would improve our quality of life.