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We're Back!

Started: 2004-12-23 21:35:11

Submitted: 2004-12-23 21:45:36

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As you have no doubt noticed, my webpage is officially back for the rest of the world's amusement and entertainment. These days it's being served off my shiny new Comcast cable connection, since Speakeasy is having trouble getting me a DSL connection. (I'm pretty sure running any sort of server is in violation of my TOS, but I never actually managed to read a copy of the TOS; the cable installer guy clicked "I Agree" and that was that. Comcast would have fun proving that I agreed to it in court.) I'm still hoping to get DSL at some point, but I suppose I can survive with cable long-term if I have no other choice.

I'm now officially on vacation, as of noon yesterday, until 3 January. My plan involves sleeping in, surviving the presence of Kiesa's parents, unpacking the rest of the house, painting the dining room, and hosting Megafest 4.0. I'm also amusing myself migrating Ziyal's hard drives from the 60 gig drive I've been using for three years to a shiny new 120 gig drive I bought late last week. If I end up with the camcorder I have my eye on (funded by my bonus from killing myself for the cause in November, which was less than half what I expected but still better than nothing), I can amuse myself filling the drive with more and more video.