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two thousand five

Started: 2005-01-01 18:09:17

Submitted: 2005-01-01 18:12:51

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So it's now 2005. I feel like maybe I should come up with some compelling content for the new year, or New Year's Resolutions (I do have some ideas), or something like that. But not right now. All I really have is some photos to post.

While Geocaching today, I found this B-17 weather vane flying over a house in Longmont.

B-17 Weather Vane

B-17 Weather Vane

A standard question in the Commune, "Study well?", has absolutely
nothing to do with how well one learned the designated material,
but rather to the individual's interactions with the one with whom
he is studying.
- Jaeger, journal entry 28 October 1999