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RSS update

Started: 2005-12-16 21:20:27

Submitted: 2005-12-16 21:24:39

Visibility: World-readable

Those of you who have taken the effort to subscribe to my RSS feed may want to resubscribe to the brand new link that now appears at the bottom of your browser window. That's because I sometimes post content with less visibility so any random visitor -- or Google -- can't automatically read it. Since I don't want any of my loyal readers to miss exciting content, I've added a 128-bit unique identifier to the end of the RSS feed so my RSS server knows who you are. And don't worry about giving the link to your favorite aggregator, since the only thing the cookie is good for is getting headlines, not reading the content itself. (At least until I get around to offering a modern RSS or Atom feed. Which would seem to make the lives of my loyal readers easier.)