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Will Rogers

Started: 2005-12-27 11:52:25

Submitted: 2005-12-27 12:16:22

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At this moment, Kiesa and I are sitting at the end of the newly-renovated terminal at Will Rogers World Airport waiting for our flight to Denver. (The in-terminal monitors show a cowboy figure standing on a spinning globe twirling a lasso around the globe.) This is a Frontier JetExpress flight, so it's operated by Horizon on a CRJ-700. This time we actually managed to get seats next to each other; somehow our tickets ended up on different reservations, so on the flight out we had to ask the woman originally sitting in my row to trade seats with Kiesa. For our return flight, we had the opportunity to stay in Oklahoma City until tomorrow for US$400 each, which seemed like a decent idea except we were ready to go home and we're heading to work tomorrow. (It might have worked if we had gotten on the first flight out in the morning, although that would involve waking up entirely too early tomorrow morning. And we would have had to repack our suitcases, which wouldn't have been pretty.)

While in Norman, we celebrated Christmas the way I remember (stockings on Christmas morning, then breakfast, presents, and Christmas dinner). We also managed to find six geocaches: two we walked to and four we drove to. (Two of the drive-by caches could have been walk-by caches if we had been ambitious.) I continued stalking Willy on Wikipedia. We watched six episodes of Arrested Development and two episodes of Futurama (I got volume 3; my mother was not sure it was really a cartoon targeting adults). Kiesa is currently amusing herself watching Run, Lola, Run, and a guy behind me is talking on his wireless phone about his iPod.

After spending five days in Oklahoma, my plan is to go to work on Wednesday and Thursday, then take Friday and Monday off; I'll end up rolling two vacation days into 2006, which is just now allowed by official corporate policy. (I had to fight to get my hands on a real hardcopy of the policy.) Kiesa is taking Sunday and Monday off. I have no real idea what we're going to do for New Year's; we'll probably end up staying at home and doing little. My mission is to go snow-shoeing at least once, and to find three more geocaches before the end of 2005, which will put my total at 200.