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Started: 2005-12-21 20:57:22

Submitted: 2005-12-21 21:55:07

Visibility: World-readable

Tomorrow Kiesa and I head off to Will Rogers World Airport. I've recently discovered another sexy civil aviation tracking website, FlightAware, that gives me cool pictures like this one (showing me the current status of the flight we're taking tomorrow) and even lets me download the tracking data so I can plug it into my very own Google Maps page and show the same thing, zoomable. The track data includes time, altitude, and airspeed; my next task may be to display this information when one mouses over the track. I would be very amused to see the track from my flight from Newark last summer, when we executed a full spin somewhere over Nebraska.

This being the solstice, I had no choice but to call Willy and wish him a happy solstice. He suggested I light a bonfire to celebrate the sun's return. I don't think my HOA would approve, so I went on a half-hour search for matches and was, at length, able to light a few candles to celebrate everyone's favorite pagan holiday.

I need to convince Willy to have an RSS feed; as I wandered past his site for the link in the last paragraph, I stumbled across a fascinating item on the what's new section: Willy's photo of artwork depicting the Ten Commandments at Nebraska state capitol was cited in a supporting brief filed by the Department of Justice in McCreary v. ACLU. The DoJ scoured the net to find government displays of the Ten Commandments, and apparently Willy's page came up first. I'm impressed.

Those looking for something random to do on the first full day of winter in the northern hemisphere may be amused to see that I've cropped, resized, retouched, and annotated Round 143 of my digital photos. Readers whose names are "Scott" and "bouncing" will appreciate this photo: Cat5 drinks water.