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New Features

Started: 2005-12-31 13:02:46

Submitted: 2005-12-31 13:11:57

Visibility: World-readable

Since I'm on vacation, I took the opportunity to hack new exciting features into my webpage. Here's the scoop:

  • I've slightly tweaked user access levels by adding the "Friends & Family" access level, which is a bit broader than the old "Elite" level. This way, I can more precisely target who can and can't read my comments complaining about my job, friends, family, and other exciting issues in my life. Someday I'll break down and create precise access control lists, but not this year.
  • A user's description page (see the User List) shows the comments the user has posted.
  • Comments now show which users have read them.

(I'll take a brief moment to complain about the content drought currently underway on other sites I visit frequently. But I don't think the proprietor of that site is reading mine this week, so it probably won't do much good.)

The point is that one should never assume that sucky, disgusting software
is written by first year comp sci majors. There are enough professional
programmers out there to cause a far bigger disaster.
- Randseed (132501) on Slashdot, 08 June 2003