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You know...

Started: 2006-07-10 20:03:54

Submitted: 2006-07-10 20:13:22

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You know you have problems with your pagerank... when it takes a reference librarian to find your website.

Seriously. Kiesa just spent more time than strictly necessary to find that new mall near Loveland with "Centerra" somewhere in its name, otherwise known as "The Promenade Shops at Centerra". After failing the obvious Google searches, Kiesa eventually went to the Longmont Chamber of Commerce website, which had a few relevant press releases... and still it took two tries to get the right name. The other "new mall" pops right up with a query for 'flatiron mall'. Even the not-yet-built sprawl replacing Crossroads pops up with a search for '29th street'.

Kiesa's parents are coming out this week, and Kiesa is drafting an epic e-mail outlining all the exciting things they can do when they're here. Which includes shopping. Good thing I'll be at work.