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Hygiene Cemetery

Started: 2006-07-16 21:36:14

Submitted: 2006-07-16 21:51:47

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In May, when my parents came out for an early Mother's Day, my mother wanted to search out Hygiene Cemetery, where some relatives are buried. (I remember visiting once before, in the early nineties, not long after moving to Boulder.) We didn't really know where it was and couldn't quite locate it.

This evening, I got bored while Kiesa was driving her parents to the airport and decided to Google and see what I could come up with. I found a list (transcribed in 1999) of those buried in the south side and the north side and spotted three people with the family name I recognize on the south side. I still had ninety minutes of daylight, so I headed out.

I had no trouble finding several copies of the list, and various other genealogical data, but finding the address (or instructions how to get there) was harder. I found one address which turned out to be wrong, but it got me in the right area. The address posted on the site was 7861 Hygiene Road (Longmont, Colorado) for the north side of the road; I presume the south side would be 7860 Hygiene Road.

I arrived late in the day and found the plot I was looking for under a blue spruce, in front of a lilac bush.

Weng plot,
Hygiene Cemetery, Longmont, CO

Three people are buried there:

John Weng,
1866-1909, Hygiene Cemetery, Longmont, CO

John Weng is my great grandfather; he is my mother's mother's father.

Susie Weng,
1869-1961, Hygiene Cemetery, Longmont, CO

Susie Weng is my great grandmother; she is my mother's mother's mother. My mother called her "Großmutter".

Pauline Weng,
1906-1941, Hygiene Cemetery, Longmont, CO

Pauline Weng is my great aunt, daughter of John and Susie Weng.

There's much history here that I know so little about.

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