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Started: 2006-07-23 22:07:47

Submitted: 2006-07-23 22:38:02

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Highlights from my life in the past and in the near future:

  • Two weeks ago Kiesa's parents visited, arriving on 12 July and departing on 16 July. Kiesa took two days off and mostly amused herself going shopping with her mother. On Saturday, Kiesa and her parents went to church in Brighton and had an ... interesting ... experience. (That's her story, if she wants to tell it. Let's just say it involved meditation and an assertion that "collapsing quantum waves causes miracles".) That afternoon, we drove up to Rainbow Lakes for a short hike at a much cooler elevation. On Sunday, we went up to Estes Park, rode the aerial tramway (which I've never actually done before), and drove up Trail Ridge Road to 12,000 feet.
  • Last week I discovered the mprotect() syscall, and Electric Fence for debugging bizarre memory access bugs.
  • Yesterday Kiesa and I headed up to Wild Basin at Rocky Mountain National Park and hiked nine miles round-trip to Sandbeach Lake, with 1900 feet of elevation gained, topping out at 10,300 feet. It was a bit warmer than I expected, but my water held out, and my backcountry filter/pump passed its first field test since failing us a year ago. I forgot my camera; otherwise, I would have pictures. Oddly enough, the lake really did have a sandy beach.
  • Bethany and my mother drove to my house from Oklahoma on Thursday, picked my father up at DIA shortly after midnight (his flight from Sacramento was disrupted, apparently due to a lightning strike at Chicago O'Hare that wreaked havoc on United's scheduling), and headed to a wedding somewhere Aspen. They're supposed to return to my house tonight, and back to Oklahoma tomorrow.
  • I will be in Los Angeles two days this week for some quality time with my favorite customer. I fly out Tuesday morning and back Wednesday night. Have I mentioned that I'm fully billable for travel time, from the minute I leave my doorstep to the minute I set foot at the customer's site? Being a mercenary has its advantages.
  • You, too, can build your own superhero, although you can't pick super powers. Unless they're implied by the hair and hand-held objects.
  • Last Thursday was three months after my last day at iTi. Tomorrow will be three months after my first day at Solekai. And a few weeks ago, 9 July, was three years after I started writing software for iTi, which I count as my professional anniversary. (I've never been able to get a straight answer as to how much experience my internships should count for; at worst, I have three years of undispuitable job experience.)