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London, day 1: 13 September 2006

Started: 2006-09-19 02:16:45

Submitted: 2006-09-19 02:20:11

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I kept track of my vacation, and took notes on things to see, in a small black lined notebook.

2000 MDT 13 September 2006

G-YMMF British Airways 777 at DIA
G-YMMF British Airways 777 at DIA

On the ground in Denver, boarding plane. I'm is seat 31K, the right side window seat. Kiesa is sitting across the plane, in 35A. Still waiting for the guy to show up in the middle seat to see if we can arrange a trade. (Screwed up check-in. Oops.)

At gate, I was selected for detailed screening to make sure I wasn't trying to smuggle on any water. Just a pat-down and a hand search of my UK-compliant hand luggage -- Illyria in her carrying case.

Couldn't see the plane's tail number. Nose gear door reads "MMF". Will try again in London.

PA announcement: Flight time is 8 hours, 11 minutes.

Showed up at work for 90 minutes, long enough to submit my expense report and test a code merge. Worked for 3 whole hours today, and I only need to take 6 hours of vacation this week -- I like getting paid for travel time.