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Am I there yet?

Started: 2006-09-23 20:31:00

Submitted: 2006-09-23 20:34:14

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Yep, I'm back home. Kiesa and I landed in Denver a bit after 1800 MDT tonight (entirely too late British Summer Time); now we're checking our mail and critiquing the gifts Bitscape and Rain left us. I have more physical notebook entries to transcribe for the rest of the trip. Which I can start doing when I wake up entirely too early tomorrow morning.

All of the photos from my trip to London are collected here: London 2006.

The point is that one should never assume that sucky, disgusting software
is written by first year comp sci majors. There are enough professional
programmers out there to cause a far bigger disaster.
- Randseed (132501) on Slashdot, 08 June 2003