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How to get lost while knowing where you are

Started: 2010-07-25 21:44:55

Submitted: 2010-07-25 21:50:01

Visibility: World-readable

I spoke for BLUG in June, and spent at least a few hours each week following my talk working on typing up my presentation notes and cleaning up my slides in preparation for making them available to the Internet at large. I am happy to present the fruits of my labors: How to get lost while knowing where you are: thirty-seven slides of my rambling about how I use my GPS receiver, and supporting artifacts and source code.

(There's a rumor that my talk was videoed, and could be available someday, but I know I have two years of BLUG tapes sitting in my basement, uncaptured and unnoticed, so I'm not going to blame the current videographer for falling behind. Though I might try asking to borrow the tapes myself, since I do know what to do with them.)

Well aren't *we* the superior ones? Reveling in our great awareness as we
march into the ocean, fully cognizant of the destination to which *our*
herd of lemmings plunges? ;)
- Bitscape, 23 May 2000