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My First Long-Haul Flight

Started: 2012-02-16 21:28:47

Submitted: 2012-02-16 21:37:12

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Last night, as I was reading bedtime stories to Calvin, he was having trouble picking the next book to read, so I started suggesting books by title off his shelf. He didn't think any of those books were a good idea, so I suggested My First Long-Haul Flight (presumably the companion to My first airplane ride, which we bought for Calvin after checking it out from the library), which didn't actually exist, but it sounded like a good idea (especially if we're going to go through with our threats plan to take Calvin to Hong Kong around Christmas). Calvin thought this book sounded great, so I decided I had to write it on the spot. I grabbed a few sheets of printer paper and a handful of crayons and headed back upstairs to his room and started drawing. I ended up with pictures illustrating the story of a young boy named Calvin who flies to Taiwan with his parents. (I would have sent him to Hong Kong but Calvin is not especially fond of the idea of visiting China right now. He doesn't know that Taiwan considers itself to be the sole legitimate China, so he let it slide.) He thought the "book" was great fun. After he went to bed I wrote the copy (and double-checked precisely how long a flight from San Francisco to Tokyo takes), and now the book is one of his favorites. (At least for now; he tends to go through phases, but he does like airplanes and stories about boys named Calvin who have the exclusive attention of both Mommy and Daddy.)

I scanned the pages, so here's my first, unpublished, children's book: My First Long-Haul Flight. Not bad for an hour's work.