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State of The Union, Speech Patterns

Posted by bouncing on 2004-06-04 08:42:49


I'm assuming that if the checksum does not match the sentece, the sentence would be repeated. This system could cause speeches like President Bush's State of The Union to take days, if not weeks.

Example: "We don't take a bunch of polls and focus groups to tell us what -- to how to, to how to -- to what we ought to do in the world. [Checksum]" ... BEEP ... CHECKSUM FAILED!

Secondly, as human language is learned intuitively, there is some reason to assume that humans are predisposed to the structure of human languages. All languages work about the same way with the same parts of speech, so adding an entirely new part of speech that checksums the prior parts of speech -- presumably based on spelling, since pronunciation is itself variable -- may not be in the ability of the human mind's language parsing ability.

I think a more viable way of reducing the overall error rate in English would be to remove words that sound too similar. No more rhyming or poetry. Or maybe, we should just learn esperanto, which has supposedly far fewer words than English. Then we can all go start a geek colony on an abandon desert island... Like New Mexico.


Checksum (2004-06-03 16:06:46)
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