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Posted by Jäger on 2004-07-15 20:10:02


I'm here, live, from Caffe sole typing a stream-of-conciousness comment into Elssbett with Zan Lynx looking sideway at my screen trying to count the number of dust particles clinging to my LCD. Bitscape is staring randomly in my direction, although I doubt he's actually trying to gain any information. Now he's looked the other direction. Rise is talking about "Artificial Stupidity", an attempt to emulate a dumb focused person as opposed to one of average intelligence. Zan Lynx launched upon Venor Vinge and recited the author's works.

Kiesa just e-mailed me this link, which I'll confess that I just loaded but didn't actually read.

Kiesa is now enjoying her ability to check out more different and fun sci-fi collections at Greeley's libraries. Today she worked at a different library which has most of Weld Library District's sci-fi collection. She's now talking about Ask Colorado, a state-wide system to connect reference librarians to patrons with reference questions using some sort of mystical web-based chat thing.

Zan Lynx wants bookshelves on wheels in his future hypothetical house, preferabally the motorized three-dimensional style. Kiesa mentioned the writings of Jasper Fforde, who writes books that could be described as a literary Douglas Adams.

This stream-of-conciousness thing is getting tiresome, so I'll post and contemplate something else.


One Year (2004-07-15 10:45:48)