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Hurry up and Wait

Started: 2005-09-01 18:33:04

Submitted: 2005-09-01 18:45:48

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I almost missed my flight out of Boston today.

I left my guest company (whom I think would rather avoid being named, but let me assure you that you've heard of them before) at 1500 and headed to Minute Man National Historial Site between Lexington and Concord, Mass. (No one here spells out the full name of the commonwealth; my theory is that I'm not the only person who can't spell it.) I saw the North Bridge, where the Continental Militia first fired on the British Regulars, and Battle Road, where the Militia ambushed the Regulars on their march back to Boston. I got caught in evil traffic heading outside of Concord and headed to Walden Pond, which is apparently a local swimming destination. (Aaron, my host, asserted that it had the highest urine content of any pond in New England.) I spent five minutes at the pond and headed into Boston. I made a stop at FedEx/Kinkos in Greater Boston to mail three test prints to the vendor of our print head electronics (said vendor continues to screw us in front of our customer; I'm going to have to return to Greater Boston next week or the week after, once said vendor manages to fix the problems the test prints expose), then cursed myself as I drove into Boston traffic in a diabolical attempt to make it to Logan Airport on the east side of town. From one of the local NPR affiliates I learned that there was a bus fire on Mass Pike that shut down the road for several hours, which might have been responsible for my trouble getting through town. (Or it could have been legendary Boston traffic.)

I eventually made it onto Mass Pike (aka I-90), headed east through the Ted Williams Tunnel under the bay, and to the airport. I managed to drop my rental car off, took the shuttle to Logan, and learned my flight was delayed 22 minutes. So I'll actually be able to board it.

The queue is getting shorter to board my 757. I'm boarding. See you on the other side.