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Started: 2005-08-23 20:24:36

Submitted: 2005-08-23 20:57:49

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Next week I'm off to Boston's General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport, where I'll rent a car and drive north, stopping just short of the New Hampshire border in Methuen. My employer has an important customer there; I'll be doing an install, some last-minute development (it's a long story), and generally making the customer feel happy about the schedule slipping three months. Most of those three months weren't our fault; we got screwed by a new supplier that we were stupid enough to depend on. After some long hours, I started doing negative work as time progressed; I tried to put things together and only ended up breaking them.

I fly out Sunday morning; I'll spend Sunday doing tourist-like stuff in Boston, then drive up to Methuen for four quality days of engineering. I'll make sure to go three kilometers north into New Hampshire; it's one of the states I haven't yet set foot in. I fly back Thursday night. My employer decided to give me Friday off, as well as Monday, for Labor Day, so I'm going to drive up to Fort Collins and take the GRE. I hope to have a slightly better idea how to deal with a computer-adaptive test; my last experience with the test was something of a debacle.


On Sunday (21 August) I managed to avoid hypoxia while climbing the Twin Sisters, at 11,413 feet. I think I'm smart enough to avoid getting any higher than eleven thousand feet (er, 3352 meters) in a bid to avoid suffering from altitude sickness. (I barely made it up Grays Peak last month; it wasn't a pretty sight.) When I reached the summit there was a thunderstorm rolling in from Longs Peak across the Tahosa Valley; I could hear cloud-to-cloud lightning almost above me. I spent about sixty seconds on the summit and fled to lower elevations.

Kiesa and I have been enjoying the second season of Battlestar Galactica. (I'm beginning to wonder if Colonel Tigh is being set up as a tragic character.) I think it's the best show on television. (Which is ironic, since we just canceled our broadcast-only cable and funneled the money into buying DVD sets of the shows we watch.)