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Posted by Linknoid on 2005-08-25 16:43:20


Are you taking subject tests, or just the general problem solving and verbal tests? When I took it, the person administering the test acted as though it was a test that needed lots of preparation and studying, which I thought was strange. It's not like the general tests cover specific areas of knowledge.

However, the verbal tests required a very large vocabulary. I don't think they expect you to get too many right, because I missed a ton on that part and still was in the 95th percentile.

The problem solving parts were easy if you have a logical mind, I only missed one and that's because the computer administering the test wouldn't let me go back and fix an answer. So beware, if it's on a computer, you CANNOT go back and change an answer you got wrong. I was rather annoyed at that, especially since the instructions semi-implied that you could go back and review your answers.

Oh, and the writing part, well, either you can write or you can't, but I got lucky and got essay topics I could reasonably write about (I wrote something about Linux and Microsoft, IIRC).


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It's probably a mistake to let filmmakers talk about their films.
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