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Started: 2007-01-10 21:04:53

Submitted: 2007-01-10 21:29:05

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Tomorrow, I fly to Los Angeles and attempt to avoid getting stuck in any snow-related air traffic delays that may or may not occur as a result of the snow that may or may not come tomorrow or Friday. (At the moment, the National Weather Service is predicting 50% chance of snow on Friday and Saturday, but it's not apparent if these are independent or dependent events. If it snows on Friday, is it any more or any less likely to snow Friday night?)

(Part of the story is the general paranoia against future snow-related delays after two feet of snow shut DIA down for two days. That, and we've gotten snow every week for the past three weeks; there's still snow from the first storm on my street, which is distinctly atypical.)

On my flight out tomorrow morning, and on my flight back Friday evening, I fly on a widebody jet I haven't flown on before. Since airplanes, airports, and flying still amuse me, this is slightly exciting. I don't expect a 767 to be significantly different from any other plane I've flown on before, aside from the unusual 2-3-2 seat configuration, and the underpowered (by modern standards) in-flight entertainment system.