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Combining business and pleasure

Posted by Jäger on 2007-01-13 23:32:29


Whenever I go somewhere on business I try to take advantage of being there. Sometimes that's easier said than done; most of the times I've been in Los Angeles I made it to the beach (I spend all of my time next to LAX, so that's pretty easy); when I went to Boston on three trips in 2005 I did tourist things. My business trip to Cambridge in June 2005 was scheduled to have a day for me to go into London, but I forgot to tell the customer and ended up in the office on Friday instead of in London. The four hours I did spend in London merely wheted my appatite for an all-holiday return trip last fall. (Had I still been employed by the company that sent me to Cambridge, I would have volunteered to swing up to the customer in Cambridge and say hi or do something useful, but it didn't end up working that way.)


Widebody (2007-01-10 21:29:05)
You always learn more from someone whom you disagree with.
- Dr. Shepherd, 23 August 1999