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Megafest 7.0 (part 2)

Started: 2008-06-12 07:48:38

Submitted: 2008-06-12 08:47:23

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The story of Megafest 7.0 begins here.

Friday, 23 May 2008

After breakfast (in late morning, in normal Megafest fashion) discussion turned to the day's adventures. Consensus suggested driving to Boulder, watching The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, and for Kiesa and Anya to go thrift store shopping. I talked the group into voting for movies to make sure that was really the one we wanted to see. After watching all the trailers and voting for movies, it turned out that it was the movie we wanted to see. (I was led astray by a less-than-favorable review by The Onion's AV Club.)

We drove into Boulder to the missing-hyphen mall for an early-afternoon matinee. Despite my earlier fears, I did enjoy the movie, though I'm still having a bit of trouble reconciling my childhood Narnia obsession with my current agnostic adult existence. (I need to read Neil Gaiman's response to Susan's exclusion from Narnia in "The Problem of Susan", which does happen to be in his collection of short stories Fragile Things, which is sitting on my shelf.)

After the movie, Kiesa and Anya headed off and I took the remaining Festors (Yanthor, Humblik, and Linknoid) on a tour of the missing-hyphen mall, including Yanthor's first-ever visit to an Apple Store. (I confess that visiting the Apple Store is more exciting when I actually have money to spend.) Not content with that mall, we headed downtown to Boulder's real mall, Pearl Street, and wandered to my former employer (where I talked to a few former coworkers), the Boulder Shambhala Center, It's Your Move (where I gawked at Carcassonne expansions and Yanthor acquired a few sets of dice), and the Bookends Cafe (for a late-afternoon snack and dramatic reading of The Onion).

Back home, Kiesa and I started working on supper. I made sushi to go with Kiesa's soba noodles. I think my sushi turned out a little better than last year's sushi; the rolls were smaller and bite-sized, and I did have soy sauce to serve them with.

Yanthor talked Kiesa and I into watching the first episode of Dexter, which was amusing. After the episode, I downloaded source and built OpenWRT for my spare ActionTec DSL modem, which I keep meaning to play with. I managed to brick the modem when I tried to upload the firmware I built; the boot-loader still appeared to run, but it couldn't actually load the main firmware image. Without a serial port to debug the problem or an obviously compelling reason to keep working on the modem, I gave up for the moment.