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Hacking tonight

Posted by Jäger on 2004-04-22 08:41:13


Tonight my Brilliant Plan is to head to Hacking Soceity at (or slightly before) 1900, then depart in time to reach the Boulder Compound at 2000 to film the climatic end scenes of Fences. I have two seasons of Quality Television Entertainment I'd like to return to their rightful owners, should they happen to be at Caffe Sole during the time I'll be there.


hax0ring (2004-04-15 20:53:41)
I swear, it's not my fault if I loose things, even if I do have huge
- Neelix, 0223 CDT 30 April 2000, upon finding something he was looking
for on the bottom of a pile of Humblik's clothes