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Posted by Zan Lynx on 2004-07-18 13:45:52


So, what do you think of it?

I watched it Saturday night (I'd taped it earlier), and it looks like it might be good.

*** Some spoilers below ***

I'm not sure I like the characters as much as SG-1. That might be because I haven't had time to get attached to them yet. But I find the scientist guy far more annoying than funny. I'm a little worried that the Major is going to end up playing James Kirk with Alien Woman of the Week.

I also noticed that there's no problem speaking English to aliens in another galaxy. They let that one drop in SG-1, too. Somewhere along the way, they didn't need to translate anymore.

The big bad aliens are a little bit different. At least they aren't Gouald or Replicators. I do think it might have been better to save them for a few episodes instead of bringing them out all in the beginning. It also might have been nice to not have a huge overpowering menace. Smaller challenges might have been just as good as Evil Aliens even the Ancients had to flee.

Well, I'll watch at least the first season and then we'll see!


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