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Enemies? (Spoiler)

Posted by Jäger on 2004-07-21 14:15:01


Having watched the pilot last night, I now feel inclined to comment. It might also have been interesting to save the Big Bad Enemies for later; we would have built up suspense knowing that something was out there but we didn't know what. They did that, to an extent, with whatever followed the Wraiths (Wraith? No one used the plural form) we saw.

I'll confess I saw the death of Robert Patrick's charcter coming from miles away -- not only was he not in the recurring cast list, but the conflict set up between him and Major Sheppard (who we already were supposed to like more than Colonel Sumner) made it even more obvious.

In my ideal world, I probably wouldn't watch Stargate: Atlantis, since I wouldn't have time between watching new episodes of Farscape, Firefly, Wonderfalls, Angel, and several other shows I never even saw because of a television climate hostile to shows I watch. Since I don't like in that world, I'll settle for Stargate: Atlantis and just be happy that it's better than Enterprise and Andromeda.


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