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Posted by Jäger on 2004-10-02 19:23:36


My new non-brilliant plan is to depart Lincoln tomorrow at noon, which should get me back into the greater Boulder area around 1800 MDT. I'm then going to spend the evening at work appeasing management by beating my head against the fscking printer trying to get it to behave. (I'm not expecting any miracles.) From what my office-mate says, the problem is getting worse the more he looks at it, and it sounds too much like a hardware problem. But the customer is showing up Monday morning and I'd like to, at least, show management that I'm trying to solve the problem.

I want the t-shirt Yanthor is wearing today, which I can't seem to find on ThinkGeek any more.

Don't blame me; it's a hardware problem.


Vacation (2004-10-02 11:15:33)
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