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Rumors, bargains, and lies

Posted by Jäger on 2004-12-12 07:31:39


Feel free to invent names, although prepare to be ignored. It so happens that we do have names picked out (subject to change, of course): Jade and Jewel for girls; Calvin and Andrew for boys. Jade's middle name will be Marie (Kiesa's middle name), and Calvin's middle name will be Theodore. Jewel and Andrew don't have middle names yet, which probably isn't a big problem at the moment.

(I should point out that we're not planning on using all four names. Gem wants two children; I'm in favor of three, perhaps given the families we grew up in. With four names in the queue, we should be ready for the most likely cases.)

One of the problems Kiesa and I encountered with naming our children is the hacker aliases my friends have adopted. Bethany and I are both named after our parents' friends in college, but I'm fairly confident I don't want to send my children through life with the name "Yanthor" or "Bitscape", and these individuals' real names have no special meaning to me.


Countdown (2004-12-09 19:50:05)
Scott Galvin, age 23, is a highly sought mentor and motivational
speaker. An avid fan of salsa, user-centric web design, and techno
music, Scott co-creates a world of love and acceptance by sharing his
vision. He enjoys helping high-tech firms define their online strategy,
and he's advised many Fortune 500 companies, including Apple Computer,
Motorola, and Sun Microsystems. As a business student, he applies his
knowledge to his own venture, Buildmeasite. Scott resides in Fort
Collins, Colorado, and drives a beat up Integra. For speaking
arrangements, call 303.944.9964
- scottgalvin.com message, 03 October 2002