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Posted by cg4l on 2006-07-05 22:20:39


Interesting game. I used to play it over 20 years ago with a good friend (who I also used to play Gamma World with at times). It was actually around 23 years ago to be exact (when going on my 13th year of life). Forgot about how to play it for the most part, but do remember enjoying it as a youth.

Hope the rest of your trip is enjoyable as you trek through my neck of the woods. And have a safe return to Colorado as well.


Graduation (2006-07-02 17:22:16)
like a lot of geeks, I can run risky meatspace things
through my head until a faulty value comes out that
suggests there's no need to actually do them.
- Caleb John Clark, "Linux and the Lady", Salon.com 27 September 2000