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Bird's Nest Offering

Posted by Yanthor on 2007-01-09 06:25:16


I left the Bird's Nest drink as an offering. :-)

One of my co-workers brought that for the company's white elephant gift exchange and the person who ended up with it left it in the break room for whoever wanted it. I thought it would bring entertainment to the Megafest.

It is not a joke. Apparently such drink is quite popular in Japan and other oriental countries. They really do farm bird's nests, then grind them up as a main ingredient for such drinks.

So considering birds make their nests using their saliva to help stick things together, you have a drink with a real quantity of rehydrated bird saliva--and probably some ground up fleas too. ;-)

Bon Apatite!


Bird's Nest (2007-01-08 09:10:19)
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