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Posted by Jäger on 2008-11-17 18:15:38


This is what's important to me, in order:

  1. Healthy mother, healthy baby
  2. Carefully considering the benefits and risks of any procedure, medical or otherwise. (This isn't possible to do at the birth, but with sufficient planning one can build a decision tree in advance to aid the process during labor.)
  3. Whatever Kiesa wants, since she's researching this far more than I am, and she's the one who's actually having the baby.

There seems to be a lot of cargo cult medicine all across the childbirth spectrum. I appreciate the Bradley classes for giving me a forum in which I can begin to uncover what I think is appropriate for my children. I have no interest in simply accepting any dogma as fact without considering the arguments for and against.


The month so far (2008-11-16 14:41:49)
Revenge was a convenient byproduct.
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