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iTunes, etc.

Posted by cg4l on 2004-08-03 20:27:56


I am also intrigued by the idea of iTunes running on Linux as this is a pretty cool music app. The idea of listening to the "Hollywood Actor's Choice" candidate's acceptance speech although leaves me quite narcoleptic and desiring to listen to someone more interesting like possibly the vocal adroitness of William Hung. I'm glad to see that you and Gem have agreed on a coffee table although I wouldn't think that would have been such an arduous task as it was for you both. It is nice to clean up here and there as it is something my wife would be overjoyed if I did as I still think I have some AT cases and a 486 laying around my abode. Also, good luck on securing a house as it should make it easier for family visits.


Alanis, Furniture, cleaning. (2004-08-03 20:49:16)