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Broadcast television

Posted by Linknoid on 2005-10-26 15:21:51


I have come to the conclusion that broadcast television is extremely offensive to my eyes, ears, and brain. The constant flashing of images and changes in noise created by modern commercials just give me a headache. The same reason I turn off flash and animated gifs. So anything I intend to watch in the future will be purchased on DVD or downloaded from the internet. Every once in a while, I can stand watching TV for a little while, but I am quickly reminded of why I hate it so much. Most broadcast (err, cable) TV I've watched in the past 6 months+ has been either PBS or dedicated movie channels that don't have commercials.


Fourth Quarter (2005-10-25 22:47:53)
Well aren't *we* the superior ones? Reveling in our great awareness as we
march into the ocean, fully cognizant of the destination to which *our*
herd of lemmings plunges? ;)
- Bitscape, 23 May 2000