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Smile Time

Posted by Jäger on 2004-02-19 07:49:08


Last night Gem and I also watched Smile Time, which was most amusing -- how often does the hero of a TV show get turned into a muppet?

I may have to add Angel to the list of TV shows I'll actually watch on purpose... just in time for it to get canceled.

Can anyone clue me in as to what Spike is doing in Angel's world? I detected a high level of antagonism between them, but Gem hasn't seen enough recent episodes to fill me in.


Doctor's Orders (2004-02-19 08:31:19)
like a lot of geeks, I can run risky meatspace things
through my head until a faulty value comes out that
suggests there's no need to actually do them.
- Caleb John Clark, "Linux and the Lady", Salon.com 27 September 2000