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Posted by Jäger on 2003-11-03 12:09:03


At least for now, anyone can view comments, and any logged-in user may post. (You'll recall the bar for getting an account is tiny -- just an e-mail address that is valid for at least a few minutes.) My plan is to have several different levels of comment (and changelog) visibility, with a drop-down so posters can limit their comment's visibility to everyone, logged-in users, and users who meet my etherial "elite" status. After a handful of look and navigation fixes, this will likely be the next thing I implement.

Thanks for the bug report. I knew something like that would likely surface.

(I'm detecting a feature war already underway between my site, your site, and Bitscape's site. Should be fun. :) )


Comments (2003-11-02 21:13:00)
Everyone I'm sure, knows that when something goes wrong somewhere,
anywhere, anytime it is automatically SCOTT'S FAULT. Your dog ran away?
SCOTT'S FAULT. Your car won't start? SCOTT'S FAULT. Your power got
shut off because you forgot to mail the check? Yep, once again, SCOTT'S
FAULT. It is very similar to the "six degrees of separation" theory.
Somehow everything can be tied back to Scott.
- Renee Galvin, 25 October 2000