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Feature War

Posted by Yanthor on 2003-11-04 06:54:59


lol, it might seem that there could be a feature war. In actuality, I had been pondering the ability someone to see who all had read their comments for quite a while but had put it off due to privacy concerns. But when I saw the two people do it who might care the most, then I figured it didn't matter. I would copy Bitscape's "ghost mode" if someone expressed concern about people seeing which comments they read.

While implementing new things on my website is fun, I refuse to make things any more complex than absolutely necessary. I doubt I'll be adding too many more features in the foreseeable future.

Here are the things I have been wanting to add at some point:

- reviews -- books, movies, episodes, everything. Postable by all and categorized so that when two people review the same episode or movie, the system knows that and shows both. I won't do this for awhile.)

- permanent discussion forums -- This will be simple, easy, and I may implement this tonight. I plan to add an additional area that contains links to Journal Entries that don't scroll away. That way they can be also used for permanent discussion forums. Right now this list will be configured by me.

- better looking discussion forums -- I'm not happy with how my discussion forums look. I'd love to replicate the look and UI of the bulletin board system my company designed. It is extremely sharp and easy to navigate, but I am having trouble visualizing it with a black background. This will also be awhile since making something look really good takes 10 or 20 times the work than making it look good takes.


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