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Speaking of roommates...

Posted by Yanthor on 2004-09-08 20:47:22


That reminds me. I'm curious to wonder which SDA college will get a real co-ed dorm first and when that will be. I kindof wish I had lived in one. I think it would have been fun and probably less barbaric than a guys only dorm.

Girls always seem to have such a civilizing influence! On some Sat. night trips my Academy took--like rollerskating--the segregated seating in all the transit vehicles so that copulation could not occur. Girls took the big bus and guys took all the vans or vice-versa. Once we rode over mixed and rode back segregated. Being a guy, I rode with the guys coming back and it was a marked change from the way over. It was much cruder, louder, and generally MUCH more barbaric!

When I complained about it later to my female friends, they said something like, "Well, you complain about barbarism, but we had to deal with the NOISE of endless squealing and giggling which reached epic proportions!"


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