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Pointing devices

Posted by b.logan on 2005-03-30 22:43:38


I'm using a T30 right now, which has both the "eraser" TrackPoint and the TouchPad pointing device inputs. I rarely use the touchpad. It's too far away from home position and requires multiple slides to move the cursor across the screen. The trackpoint does have (at least) one anoying quirk. When I'm typing away, I sometimes accidentally touch the trackpoint. This touch is interpreted as a left mouse click. Depending on where the pointer is located at the time this occurs, this can result in moving the insertion point, activating a button, selecting text, etc. To minimize these inadvertent "mouse clicks," I am using the smaller eraser-sized nub instead of the larger diameter, rubbery nub. Work advises that we use a mouse whenever possible to minimize repetitive stress injury. I have a couple USB optical mice I like (the more buttons the better). I have coiled up the cord and wrapped tie-wraps to "permanently" shorten the USB cable, making it easier to pack and use.


Illyria (2005-03-30 22:52:41)
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